Refurbishing & Cleaning

Proper container refurbishing and cleaning will add value and life to an otherwise deceased asset. GPC has container parts in stock for all major container makes, models, and colors. These spare parts are available in Ontario, Ohio, and Texas.

Containers sent to GPC are thoroughly inspected by the experienced refurbishing team. Customers are given a detailed inspection report, a quote to repair containers, and pictures of the various problems. Once a purchased order is received, the team will commence the repair project. GPC repairs over 1,000 containers each week. Upon completion, containers are quickly returned. Border-crossing assistance is provided when required.

GPC operates automated and manual container washing facilities at each company location. Containers shipped to GPC are quickly washed and returned. Cleaning containers can help prevent cross contamination and overall unpleasantness.

Whether refurbishing or washing, GPC will add new life to your containers!